BlueMesh is the fastest and smartest way to launch your next project.


Automatic Tracking

We get it - no plan survives the real world of launching a project.  BlueMesh takes the complexity out by automatically tracking changes and warning you of potential issues.

Advanced analysis gives you confidence to plan a successful launch.  BlueMesh keeps your teams and milestones in sync.

Powerful Platform

Two way sync to Github, Slack, Jira, and more means that BlueMesh integrates into your existing workflow.


Everything Included

Easily create and track projects with all the necessary features to make it a success.  BlueMesh lets you plan complex projects in minutes across your entire organization.

Dates move, dependencies change, and BlueMesh stays updated automatically

Unlimited attachment storage and markdown capabilities let you customize your projects.

On the fly scenario planning enabled out of the box for every team member.

No noise.  BlueMesh gives your team the critical info without the clutter.

Sync directly from GitHub, Jira, and more to make planing effortless.

Stay coordinated across your organization with automatic dependency tracking

Trusted for Mission Critical Launches

BlueMesh enables high performance teams to deliver

Ian Chan

Fathom, Inc

We are developing multi-faceted products that span several disciplines, therefore coordinating all the moving pieces can be quite challenging. BlueMesh provides us with an easy-to-interpret roadmap view that helps us to understand dependencies, identify schedule risks and plan more effectively.

Between multiple projects, disciplines, and teams, our roadmap can feel like an unmanageable, tangled web.  After trying BlueMesh, we knew we had a solution.

Mark Klibanov

Myant, Inc

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Smarter Launch Tracking

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Using continuous analysis BlueMesh shows your team the path towards completion and any potential obstacles along the way.

Everything can be directed to custom channels in Slack and audited at any time.



It's no task tracker.  BlueMesh actively monitors your project and alerts you as delays happen and new events occur in your connected systems.  

BlueMesh is a platform to track your next launch using an AI approach that actively monitors your project.

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