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An AI powered platform designed to save time, money, and effort in launching your next project.

BlueMesh makes your launch plan smart and predictable with advanced analytics and an active monitoring system that looks at your entire ecosystem.

Smart Tracking

Advanced analytics and prediction models accurately show you bottlenecks and risk areas.


Use your existing tools like Slack, Github, and Jira to automate data input and updating.

Lightning Fast

Dates move, dependencies change, and BlueMesh stays updated automatically.


Live scenario planning lets your team successfully coordinate complex releases in no time.


On the fly critical path generation shows you likely failure points and lets you plan  ahead.

Start simple and BlueMesh expands with your team to make large projects seem simple.


Get the whole picture with BlueMesh easily highlighting critical dependencies and any impact to them as dates change.

Between multiple projects, disciplines, and teams, our roadmap can feel like an unmanageable, tangled web.  After trying BlueMesh, we knew we had found a solution.

Mark Klibanov
Myant, Inc

We are developing multi-faceted products that span several disciplines, therefore coordinating all the moving pieces can be quite challenging. BlueMesh provides us with an easy-to-interpret roadmap view that helps us to understand dependencies, identify schedule risks and plan more effectively.

Ian Chan
Fathom, Inc

Trusted for mission critical launches world wide

BlueMesh makes launch planning easy and fast.

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Quickly identify problem areas, bottlenecks, and access automated change analysis as your plan evolves.
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